Establish Your Legacy and Sustain Your Family’s Wealth and Unity Across Generations

For as long as records have been kept, nine out of ten families (90%) have failed when it comes to keeping both their assets and their family unity together for more than three generations.

Fortunately, there is a process to beat the 90%, called Heritage Design.

We can work together to keep this from happening with your family. We can help you pass along both your assets and values, while preserving family unity for generations.

Your family’s assets, and its unity, can be sustained from one generation to the next.

The Heritage Design process is focused on sustaining your family’s wealth and unity across generations, and as it turns out, is less about money than it is about preparation and intentional action.

To be successful, the process walks you through a method of discovery that starts with a conversation to determine where to begin in designing your legacy.

Depending on your situation, steps may include:

  • Family meetings to improve trust and communication
  • Capturing your personal story and family history for future generations
  • Creating a Family Purpose Statement that enables the family to rally around a common vision
  • Creating a Family Governance model for the family to follow

Leave a Legacy of Both Your Assets and Your Values.

To learn more about the Heritage Design methodology and how it works, download an overview and set up a discovery call with any questions you may have.

Download Heritage Design Overview

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