General Questions

We work with people who are looking for a long-term professional relationship, who are genuinely nice and with whom we share mutual respect.

In the beginning planning stages, meetings are more frequent and there is more involved information gathering to make sure we fully understand your situation.

We generally settle into a rhythm of two meetings a year, but we are always just a phone call or email away!

When working with us, you will appreciate our straightforward answers to help you feel confident you have a coordinated plan to accomplish your goals.

How much is enough is different for everyone. We work together to understand your financial goals (where you want to go) and your current situation (where you are today). We then create a coordinated plan to get you from where you are today to where you want to go.

We are here to be your team of financial planning experts.

We take the time to explain topics and put them in terms you understand. We believe an educated client is the best client.

We also have regular client education events and educational newsletters to keep you informed.

The best way to find out if we would be a good fit is to set up a no-cost introductory meeting. This allows us to get to know each other, and find out if we are a fit for your financial goals.

When you work with us, you will know who you are working with. Our people are the most important reason for you to work with us. We bring a team of three multi-generational CFPs who each bring expertise and experience to our clients, and our team is committed to bringing value to our clients for multiple generations.

We focus on helping you achieve your goals, not meeting sales quotas.

We help our clients optimize their investment portfolio across all types of accounts.

We work with many types of investments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and exchange traded funds. Our team also assists you with brokerage accounts, IRAs, Roth IRAs, college savings accounts, trusts, 401(k), and other corporate retirement plans.

Investing involves risk, and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of the strategy selected.

We are not attorneys and do not provide legal counsel or prepare legal documents. We do help you understand the estate planning documents you need or already have. We ask you questions to ensure your estate plan is consistent with your overall planning goals and assess the impact of taxes.

We are unique in that we offer Heritage Design legacy planning services to help prepare your children and grandchildren to manage, grow, and protect the inheritances they will be receiving. This may encompass helping you document your personal story and/or facilitating family meetings.

We will probably be the first financial advisors you talk to about insurance who are not trying to sell it to you.

While we do not sell insurance, we do offer advice to make sure you have the appropriate amounts.

We value the trust you place in us and work with an industry-leading security provider to ensure our processes and systems are up to industry standards.